Let’s go to JAMICA

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort and Spa. It was 12 minutes from the airport. We booked a private taxi service that took us straight there. We were greeted by the staff with cold towels and a fresh rum punch. After we checked in, we were then greeted by our personal butler for our stay. He booked all of our dining reservations and took care of stocking our rooms with all the food and drinks we asked for. He was available on whats-app throughout the week if we needed anything and was sure to find someone to help us if he was not able to. Our butlers name was Kade- he was awesome!

The resort had beautiful views of the ocean, gorgeous fountains, pools, and also so much FUN. This is a family friendly resort, so keep that in mind if you are wanting a quiet couples retreat. Personally, I did not notice many kids. We are all older “kids” and we enjoyed the games/activities throughout the day. They had a staff designated to entertainment. We are a crowd who loves to dance and have fun so everyday we tried to get up to the pools and make sure we were there for the poolside entertainment. As for night time, after dinner we usually decided to grab some ice cream (at the coffee/pastry shop) or a drink and head to watch the night show. The Micheal Jackson show was 10/10. If you are not a huge fan of activities – there are pools/hot tubs that are the “quiet” pools. Also you could rent private cabanas (which we loved) to have your alone time or enjoy free beach service. I personally did not go to the spa this trip, but the workout room was in the spa building so I can attest to how amazing it looked. If you love spa time, I would check that out as well!

The staff had to have been one of the best parts of this vacation. They were so thrilled to have us there. Any request we had, it was done for us. My boyfriends birthday was the last day of our vacation, so they were sure to sing and bring a cake EVERY single night of the vacation. It truly felt like they enjoyed having us in their country and would do anything to make us smile. I cannot say one negative about the staff or service, it truly was the best I had received on any vacation.

What We Drank and Ate

Since this is an all inclusive, we could drink or eat anything we chose! This is always so fun because you can try anything without worrying about the cost. For breakfast we went to the beachside breakfast buffet. This was perfect for us because if someone was not ready they could just join us whenever. There were different breakfast choices every day and of course mimosas and coffee. For lunch we would order at the outdoor grill and sit by the pool and eat, or we would order from the beach servers. Ordering by the beach was my favorite because I could order fresh fish and eat it in our cabana or beach chair. For dinner we would usually go in between 5-6 depending on our dinner reservation time. My favorite restaurant was LE BOUCHON. I had the best steak of my life, it was so tasty with the home fries. I also LOVED the experience at the Japanese restaurant. We had the best chef making our food, I felt like I was watching a performance. Making reservations with the times we wanted was important for our large group.

They had a huge variety of foods. Anything from fresh fish, fancy steaks, Italian cuisine, and French breads, to ribs, burgers, pizza, nachos, and the best wings. The jerk chicken was great on everything- sandwiches, pizzas, French fries. The food at this resort was the best all inclusive food I have had. Everything I tried I LOVED. I had a hard time expanding what I tried because everything I tasted was so good I just wanted to have it again. I am a food girl and so is my family & we all raved about our food every day.

For drinks I ordered mimosas for breakfast and then started with fruity cocktails around lunch. I love trying new things so I would always tell the bar tenders to surprise me. I loved the strawberry mojitos, frozen margaritas, dirty monkeys, and cosmopolitans.


What We Did

There were lots of activities on site. Kayaking, paddle boards, non-motorized boats were all included. My dad and brother love to sail so we would take the hobbie cat boats out in front of our resort. We also enjoyed the pool side activities and we got ourselves involved in a least one game daily.

Brett and I like to workout and tried to stay consistent while we were on vacation this time. We did like the workout room but it was a lot smaller than what Brett is used to. It was fine for a week though and I cannot complain, it just was not as fancy as the whole rest of the resort is.


We did do one excursion off property. My family loves to snorkel so we booked a private sail. We scheduled a taxi service that took us right to the Marina. We hopped on the boat and it was immediately a party. They played fun Jamaican music and we sailed for a bit until we got to the snorkeling spot. I do not always love to snorkel but I still had fun, they gave me a life jacket so I could float better lol. I also just enjoyed the boat & they served drinks and snacks after the snorkel. 

Our vacay was nothing short of a dream and I would definitely head back. I wish I could sooner than later! Thank you so much for joining me. I cannot wait to keep sharing!

COVID-19 Protocols

As far as COVID goes, you do have to test within 3 days of departure. It can be a PCR, NNA, RNA test, so a rapid test is fine. You also have to test, per the USA to come back. The Jewel Grande has a testing facility on site so the test can be taken within 3 days before you head back.

Should I Use A Travel Agent?

Well, duh! My mom is a travel agent so she obviously planned this whole vacation and she does the best job. I usually am surprised with all the little details. We are usually going to resorts/locations that we have not been to before, so she is better experienced for her clients. This one was definitely a win. Her email is heather@smallworldbigfun.com, and she charges no fees to book through her. Resorts actually pay her to help you.

Did You Pay Full Price? 

This is a common question I get because mom is a travel advisor. While she does get discounts here and there, we paid for our flights and the resort. We loved the Jewel Grande and we would 100% go again.




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